In 2011, Veritas Communications found itself in a situation that numerous agencies face: trying to efficiently manage a rapid-growing, fast-paced agency with an outdated project management system. For a rather large agency, it was absolutely necessary to have a system that is user-friendly and scalable, while providing real-time information accessible to the agency.

After a lot of consideration and research, Veritas chose to implement WorkBook.  Once they made the decision, WorkBook was up and running in 8 weeks.


WorkBook has especially helped Veritas to gain greater transparency, and better visibility and approval of time and expenses as well as project billing. Since Veritas acquired the Cloud based version of WorkBook, they can access the solution anywhere, anytime.  It also helped Veritas:

  • Streamline project management and administrative processes
  • Provide flexible pricing options to meet specific client needs
  • Provides better time and expense approval processes
  • Achieve real-time information accessibility
  • Provide a lower cost of ownership over time (Cloud-based solution)
  • Scalable, industry-specific solution to support their growth

“This is an exciting development for our company,” says Raymond Siu, Veritas’ chief financial officer. “We are very much looking forward to the gains in efficiency and the rapid implementation of a cloud-based, industry-specific solution”.