Filling in the time sheet must be easy. Not only easy – extremely easy. We know it’s a boring job, but at the same time, it’s really important to have an accurate view of time when it comes to comparing budget vs. actuals and profitability.

How WorkBook Makes Time Entry Easy

 New tasks are assigned to your to-do list – no need to search around
 You can start/stop your time via the timer
 Use the iPhone/iPad app to fill in your hours
 If you don’t prefer the timer, time can be added manually
 You enter your hours against billable or non-billable jobs (as well as internal jobs)
 You can follow your utilization rate
 You get a system reminder if you forget to enter your hours
 Use the “Quick time entry” button to log hours to a job from anywhere in the system
 When submitting a comment to a task, you can log the hours at the same time
 Only jobs that you can access are visible, making lists shorter
 Hours are logged per day in a well designed weekly view
 Absence and Holiday is recorded from your time sheet and digitally sent for approval
Vacation entries are tracked and you can see how many vacation days you have left