Being profitable is probably the single most important thing in any business. Doing project profitability analysis can be done in various ways.

In WorkBook, you can measure your project profitability analysis against clients, projects & jobs, job types, employees and effectively 26 KPI‘s in total.

Example on Client/Job Profitability

This report will show approved budget amount, budget gross profit, expenditures: hours and purchases, invoicing/billing, gross profit, contribution margin, contribution ratio and WIP adjustments.

All figures can be summarized on company, client, project, job type, department etc.

Example on Net Profit/Gross Profit Profitability

This report will show you on which customer the company has the most resource usage and the net/gross profit earnings.

Example on Employee Profitability

This report will show how each employee’s time is logged and effectively the utilization rate. It will show the figures for Billable time, Non-billable time, Internal time, Absence and measure against the utilization rate that can be applied to each employee.