In 2000, PeopleGroup needed a software solution that could streamline their project management and administrative processes. They recognized the need to find a solution that could handle their rapid growth, give them greater control of their business processes and integrate with their existing finance system. They chose WorkBook.

Now, more than 13 years later they still run WorkBook.

“WorkBook helps our processes run smoothly. It reduces the time spent on reporting and data management while preventing any mishaps. I can always pull the latest statistics and data when I need it. I believe that we’ve been able to reduce our administrative operations by 50% since we’ve adapted the system. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the best solution on the market – no other system delivers the same competences.”

Considering the size and architecture of PeopleGroup as a company, it is vital to have a system that allows full transparency in client management and project accounting. “The system allows good accessibility to files and company resources – enabling us to share them across the agencies.”

“WorkBook is favorably adapted to our business – project management. But it’s also easy to use for others. Even our creatives can use it”. “Our creatives are always very busy but not always very structured. WorkBook helps them manage their time, register hours and book their schedules in an efficient and systematic way.”