WorkBook is a multi user system where collaboration and knowledge sharing is a key element. Social media and collaboration tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, YammerXING is widely used to share knowledge and information, but why have these tools outside your business system?

In WorkBook, we’ve added some of the same features that you already use on the social networks in order to notify your team of progress, add comments, and upload files. Team members are automatically notified in the system, or by email, of things that needs their attention.

Post news on the ‘Company wall’ to share formal or informal information to all people. Get notified when a job’s expenditures reaches 80% of the price quote amount, or how about getting a warning when a task is due or done? These are only some of the more than 30 notification types that can be added to WorkBook.

Briefing approval

When a new project is created, WorkBook will pick up your briefing template, and even merge data from the system directly into the template. When the briefing is done, it can be pushed through an approval workflow that can include your client. This means no more inaccurate briefings and non billable out-of-scope work.

The resource that has been allocated to the task can check the briefing on the task card. This saves time and the work becomes more effective and accurate.

Notifications and workflows

WorkBook ensures that the right people are notified at the right time. Each employee has their own inbox in which the company feed of information and notifications about approvals, overdue tasks, incomplete time sheets, budget overruns, and much more will be pushed to. This ensures that relevant people can react in time if something is about to go wrong.