Accounts Receivable/Payable, Work in Process, Reconciliation, Profit/loss statements, Management Reports, Profitability. As a CFO you can do it all with WorkBook.

WorkBook is a business system tailored to help the CFO in a project-driven business. WorkBook will assist you as the CFO, in providing the employees with a system that just works. Everything is fully integrated allowing you to see the business as a whole, from incoming new business, project execution, invoice being sent and payment received. No data re-keying.


Implementing a new ERP system isn’t something you do on a regular basis. Rest assured that we take our jobs seriously and take responsibility and ownership throughout the entire process. We have done this many times and know the pitfalls. Every implementation is carried out following the same implementation check list and methodology which has a proven track record for many other successful implementations. In fact, we have no unsuccessful implementations. Do some research on the subject and you will find that many ERP implementation projects fail because the system isn’t right or because the user’s do not adapt well to the system. We know our users and how they work. Our track record shows that new users will adopt WorkBook very quickly because it fits so well to their needs and the screen designs are easy to understand. Some even say that it’s sexy.

Consider that there are not that many companies that are in our target industry. We have to do our jobs perfect every single time and doing that ensures that we get great case stories and makes people talk. After all, an artist is only as good as their last album.

Business Intelligence, Report Writer and Dashboards

Besides the 300 built-in reports that come with the system, you can opt to include the Business Intelligence and Dashboard add-on which allow you to design great reports, that can be scheduled to be emailed to people. Doing so will make sure that the right people get the right information at the right time, and you as the CFO can focus on controlling and cash flow.

SOX Audits

Don’t worry. WorkBook is fully SOX compliant. Segregation of duty, Access Rights for Roles, Approvals. Everything. It really helps the CFO to minimize the pains of SOX audits.

Hosting or On-Premise

A key decision for the CFO and CTO is deciding if going cloud is the right choice. We let you choose if you want us to host your system or you want it to be installed on-premise. We have different data centers around the world and depending on your location, we install in the data center nearest to you. This ensures fast system performance and less waiting time. If you prefer to host the system on your own server, that’s fine too.

API and Integration

If you want to hook up WorkBook to another system. No problem! We have an API built on OData (Open Data Protocol) that allows you to connect your WorkBook to other systems. Besides that we have standard plug n’ play API’s for Microsoft Business Solutions (NAV and AX), SAPGoogle Mail & CalendarMicrosoft OutlookMagPeopleDynamic AIReadSoftActiveCampaign, more than 30 banks (for online banking and credit card integration),  Google Drive and Dropbox.

Free Updates

Free updates are included in the subscription fee. We release a new version roughly every 3 months and service patches on a regular basis. Every release is very well documented and contains new features as well as improvements to existing ones. A new update will never affect or change your current system setup and new features/screens are mostly disabled, and you can decide if you want to enable them or not.

An update normally takes about 15 minutes and is usually scheduled to be done outside normal working hours. We recommend that you read the release notes before an update so you are aware of the changes.

It’s possible to arrange for a test update of a copy of your system, so you can see the changes with your own data.