Bates Y&R have been using WorkBook for Project, Resource Management and Accounting since August 2009. The agency employs around 50 people.

Johnny Kluge, CFO of Bates Y&R, was one of the key decision makers when choosing WorkBook. “I’ve been approached by numerous software vendors throughout the years but none of the systems they presented had the same level of flexibility, overview and easy access as WorkBook. Before WorkBook, we had a finance system, but it wasn’t really tailored for project and resource management. We wanted a system where we were able to track projects from start to finish, easy to learn so people were involved in a project from top to bottom, always accessible to see how resources are allocated or planned to be allocated, financial impact, documents and mails related to a project etc. Another important issue for me was to have an integrated system, where project data is transferred to the finance system, with project dimension, which makes it possible to analyze the individual figures in detail.”

“We now have that with WorkBook. If you want to get full transparency in your project driven business, then WorkBook is the right choice.”