Being an Account Manager means that you are responsible for the well-being of your clients, their on-going projects and their budget spendings.

As an Account Manager you are probably also sometimes involved in new business activities. You need to have tools to help you accomplish your daily work and WorkBook can help you.

Here’s the WorkBook toolbox for the Account Manager:

Budget spending and potential new projects

The Pipeline Forecast chart will quickly allow you to check the current budget spending and how potential new projects impact the overall client spendings.

Activities follow-up

Let WorkBook help you as the Account Manager, stay in touch with the clients that has not been contact for a while. Add follow-up activities and have WorkBook give you a reminder when it’s time to follow-up with them again. Perhaps a new project can be on its way? After all, it’s much easier to sell to existing clients as opposed to grow new business.

Financial budgeting

While the Pipeline Forecast is great for adding in potential new business and existing projects, it doesn’t necessarily satisfy your CFO. The CFO wants information about gross profit, profit margins, cash flow etc. These KPIs can be added through the Financial budgeting screen and provide a great financial view on budget vs. actuals.

Pipeline and New business

If you are involved in new business then you need a tool to put in the leads and contacts, add activities follow-ups, save emails and files and in general, save all important information about a potential new client. Maybe your company does email marketing like newsletter campaigns? WorkBook can do that too.

When a client asks you if you are able to take in a big project in June, of course your answer will be Yes. However, you don’t know if there’s going to be people available to do the job, or if they are already allocated to something else. The Capacity chart will immediately give you the answer on available capacity.